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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Well Here I am...

I am not one to put my thoughts onto a page...I was never good at keeping a diary when I was a girl, But here I go with this Blog thing!

Today, it snowed! Can you believe it, October 4th and already there is snow in the mountains! Just a week ago we went for a drive up into the American Fork Canyon, along the Alpine Loop, and the leaves were just changing! Now there is snow up there! Of course this makes my husband happy. He has discovered a passion for skiing this past winter and now he can't wait to get back up into the powder! Me on the other hand, I am from Southern California! I crave the temperate climate of San Diego! Why oh why did we ever leave??? Oh yeah, I remember....with a new baby, it was cheaper to cut off an arm than to try to buy a house there!

Anyway, I digress...


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