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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

A first for me!

I started this Layout with something specific in mind but no photos! I ALWAYS design my Lo's around my photos! And this time I hadn't even taken the picture yet! It all started with the journaling which reads:

"SL...It's the little things really...How you empty the dishwasher because you know I hate to do it. When you give me a kiss goodbye every morning before leaving for work and every evening when you come home. It's how you hold me tight whenever I need to be held. Or leave me alone whenever I need some "ME" time. It's ALL the little things my love! LL"

Another first for me was what happened when I tried to stitch! The needle actually BROKE off! I heard this LOUD bang and it wouldn't move I couldn't get the needle out of my page to see what was wrong! I had to take the dang machine apart to get my paper out of it! SO now I need to go buy a new needle!

But other than that I LOVE this page! It came out exactly how I pictured it in my head!


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