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Friday, December 16, 2005

Condo, massage, skiing....what else can I ask for!

Sean's mom flew in on the 9th. She was supposed to get here on the 8th, but the plane she was supposed to get on slid off the runway at Midway! Well, when she finally did get here Sean and I went up to Solitude for a little 'US' time that was desperately! The Condo we stayed at was fantastic. I had to get pictures of every aspect of it.

On the first day, we went skiing and got in three runs before our massage. Our Massage, Oh let me tell you, It was absolutly AMAZING! It was a couples hot stone massage that lasted 80 minutes! After that we went to dinner at Creekside (which Sean thought was a little pizza place, but wasn't). We had Pasta Bolognaise with Gorganzola cheese, which was a little strong for me, but was godd none the less. Then after dinner we sat by the fire. I wanted to go back outside to take some pictures of the resort but really didn't want to get bundled up again. So Sean read while I took some close-ups of the details of the condo.

When we woke up in the morning (I got to sleep in...YAY!) we got bundled up agin in our ski gear and headed out to the slopes. We got in two runs before we had to get going to take Darlene to the airport. And what happened on the way home is a story for another Layout!


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