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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Kayaking and the Provo River

Yesterday Sean and I took the kids down to the Provo River to do a little Kayaking. The River was really calm except for a couple of spots. And I know the Kids had a ton of fun. We rented 2 Kayaks andSean had Kaylee in one and I had Corbin in the other. They were so good and Corbin barely moved from his spot for the entire 2 hours we were out there! I didn't get any pictures of us on the river because I was too scared to take the digital out of the waterproof case we got for it! Everytime I did get it somewhat out I had to get it in again because I had to paddle. But I did get some good shots of Sean and the kids before we got going! And I of course got a couple shots of the kids fast asleep in the back of the Jeep, running down the freeway at 65, with the top down! Funny stuff!


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