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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Ice Skating!

Well I took the kids to Ice skating lessons tonight. This was Kaylee's second session, but this was Corbin's first time on the ice! First of all I noticed right away that he was pidgeon toed. He kept tripping over his own feet. Then when he finally got on the ice he spent most of the time on his butt! But he was just too cute! He kept trying to get up but just couldn't quite get it. So after a half hour he was done. (The lessons are an hour). Kaylee on the other hand was all over the ice. She was doing so good! Even though she did end up on her butt a bit too! She went over to play with her "boyfriend" Who is in a higher level than she is. And a year older! And then he came over and played with her. It was just too cute... *Note to self* Watch out for him! All in all it was a great time for all!


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