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Saturday, April 22, 2006

I love this!

A friend at Just 4 keeps pointed this out to me...And it is Awesome! That's all I have to say about this!

Chris Dunmire's 10 Creativity Resolutions for a New Year

I will create because it helps give meaning to my life.
...and not because someone else tells me I should, or that if I don't I'm wasting talent that someone else wishes they had. I am in charge of the meaning-making in my life.

I will decide which creative outlet is right for me.
...and not choose an art discipline based on what's popular among my friends, family, or peers. I may have to try out and experiment with different art forms, writing styles, or craft mediums before deciding on which creative outlet is best for me.

I will explore and investigate areas related to my creative outlet/discipline that are relevant to my continued education, growth, and progress.
...It is up to me to decide where I want my expressions of creativity to lead me. If I want to learn a new technique, I shall seek training. If I want to take my creative passion to the marketplace, I shall seek out experienced advice on how and take the appropriate steps to do so. If I only want to doodle my art on greeting cards for friends and relatives and take it no further, that's my prerogative too.

I will not allow other people to discourage me.
...I cannot control how other people respond to or behave towards me or my expressions of creativity. It is up to me to determine the intent of any feedback I get (good or bad) and discern if criticism has merit. I will be open to constructive criticism and will learn to improve from it.

I will become my own best advocate.
...It is my responsibility to become my own best advocate in regards to my creative life. I do not have the right to place that responsibility on my friends, spouse, creativity coach, or anyone else. I am the primary source that propels my creativity wherever I wish it to lead me.

I will carve out regular "me" time to pursue my creative interests.
...and I will not feel guilty about doing so. I give extraordinary care to being a parent, spouse, friend, and employee, and I rightly deserve to invest time in myself for self-care, intellectual pursuits, and creative interests.

I will decide on my own short- and long-term goals related to my creative interests.
...and I will not waste time and energy comparing myself to others or trying to match their progress. My circumstances, ability, and energy levels are unique to my life — and I am the most qualified expert on "me." My planning, goal-making, and subsequent efforts towards them lie squarely on my shoulders.

If I fall short of meeting my goals, I will not beat myself up or berate myself for it.
...as long as I'm alive, I have the ability and strength to try again. My goals are not rigid and set in stone. I can adjust them at any time for any reason.

I will remember that "success is not a measure but a feeling," (1) and I will strive to feel success in any effort I make towards pursuing my creative interests and goals.
...every little bit of effort counts towards investing in my creative interests and moving towards my creative goals. Whether I spend three hours painting or writing, or simply ten minutes planning the next day's creative agenda, I have been successful. Small successes stitch together to form larger successes.

I will remember to enjoy the journey.
...being creative takes a lot of time and energy. My goals may dictate a lot of hard work, frustration, failures, and restarts. But I still choose to be creative because it gives meaning to my life. I expect highs and lows, and despite the latter, will remember as often as I can to enjoy the journey. I shall celebrate my creative freedom. •


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