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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Monday was FUN!!!

So Monday was my Birthday...And usually I like my birthday! But not this year! I was so depressed thinking about how my life isn't anything like I hoped it would be! And then something happened that made me rethink the whole depression thing! Kaylee decided to jump on her bed and fall off! SHE BROKE HER COLLAR BONE!!! I ended up in Urgent Care for about 3 hours getting her all fixed up! SHe loved getting an X-ray! No really she loved it! THe only thing that she wanted was to see her bones...But the Dr. never showed us her films. But anyway, I digress. The reason I was rethinking the whole depression thing was how well I handled this situation. I mean I was a real MOM! I was calm and soothing to my screaming 4 year old! I handled it quickly and decisively. I called my mom to get her to watch Corbin and then took her to the Dr. I couldn't have been more proud of the way I handled everything!

Of Course now I have to take her to an Orthopedic Doctor because of the way the bone broke! It broke right in half and it now looks like an upside down "V" So we have an appointment NEXT Thursday and both Sean and Myself think that that is way too long for her to be seen so I have to call back and see if I can get her in any sooner.... This is her wonderful sling she refuses to wear! Isn't it Cute!


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