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Sunday, December 18, 2005

our perfect weekend...What happened after we left!

Journaling reads:

"About 30 minutes. That’s how long it took to get the truck out of the snow. Sean had pulled off the road so that I could take some scenic photos and when he tried to turn the car around we got STUCK! Can you say Frustrated!

Since we had been skiing the only shoes Sean had were his sneakers or his ski boots! And since you can’t really move in ski bootsguess what he ended up wearing...After trying, in vain, to dig the tires out with a fallen tree branch, he ended up having to push with me at the wheel. We got it to move a foot.

He got back in and, with the snow flying everywhere, he finally rocked it out of the rut. Then, about 5 minutes down the road, he realized that he left his gloves in the back of the truck!

What a “lovely end” to a perfect weekend!"

It's SO funny! WHile this was happening I replayed a conversation Sean and I had about owning a 4 wheel drive truck! He had told me that the only reason to have 4 wheel drive is to get you out of a place that you shouldn't have been in the 1st place! HAHAHA! Well I guess its a good thing that Sean likes to off road and does own a 4 wheel drive truck or else we wouldn't have gotten out so easily! I think that we would have been stuck there until someone with 4wheel drive came along and pulled us out!


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