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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Kids say the darndest things!

So Sean and I took the kids to the mall the day after Christmas and we were standing in line at Hot Dog on a Stick when the lady in front of us bent down to pick something up that she had dropped. I wasn't really paying attention, but Sean said he saw it all in slow motion. Kaylee started jumping around and pointing to the aforementioned woman and Sean just Freaked out because he knew what was coming next! He yelled at Kaylee to stop but it was too late! She said "but I see her bum crack Daddy!" Hopefully the sound of him yelling drowned out her pointed exclamation and the lady didn't hear it. Because I had to ask Sean what happened and when he told me I Just busted up laughing! Not because of the woman's misfortune but because Sean got so worked up about it! Kaylee is just 4 she will say ANYTHING!


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