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Thursday, June 21, 2007

I'm so spoiled!

So I am sitting here at my kitchen table with my fresh non-fat, sugar free vanilla latte that I just made on my Starbucks Barista. Sean got me this espresso machine back in March when Starbucks had their coffee machine sale and I have used it EVERY day! I think by now it has paid for itself. I don't get a $4 coffee everyday anymore and I can make it exactly how I like it without having to explain it everytime.

In other news I have my first digital toot! Actually my first 2. I am now part of two great CT's. The first is for Julie Bullock. Here is one of her kits:
You can find her designs here.

Here is a Layout I did using this super cool kit! This is my Kaylee looking so bored while I was taking her picture on the swings out back. I think she was just tired of the camera in her face.

The other CT I am on is for Pamela Gibson Designs. Here is one of her kits:
You can find her designs here and here.

And here is a layout I did using Pamela's Old stained graph paper and beaded felt stars. Corbin was playing with his cars in the hallway and this was the first time he realized that this sweatshirt had a hood. He thought it was so cool to have his hood up.


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