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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Only 1 more week!

So the kids have been gone for 3 weeks. They spend a month at grandma's in Indiana during the summer and now they are coming home in 1 week. Sean is going to fly to Chicago on Friday and then Fly home on Sunday. I miss them so much! And at the same time, I feel like I could use about a week more! Oh well...

2 days after they come back Kaylee starts Kindergarten. We had put in a request to have her moved to D track, But we didn't get the response we needed in the time we needed it. Of course, Friday I got a call that they could get her into D track and that would mean she would start on Aug. 27th instead of the 1st. I like that idea but Sean thinks it would be a bad idea to have her sitting at home for 3 weeks. So she is starting on the 1st and will be off track beginning Aug 20th.

In other news, I got a wild hair and decided that the basement had to get finished before the kids got home. Well guess what.... It definitely ain't gonna get finished! But we have all the walls framed, the insulation in, the electrical in, the drywall up, and 1 wall mudded. So that isn't bad at all. I still have all week to get the mudding and taping done. Then we just have to put down a subfloor and the flooring, Put up the cool drop ceiling, and paint! Fun! I think the kids will have fun helping us though.

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