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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

1st day blues!

So this morning I get up early, made breakfast and then Lunch, Got the kids up and had them eat and take baths and then the worst thing happened. I took Kaylee to her 1st day of Kindergarten. Ok so its not the worst thing that could have happened, but I cried like a mom watching her baby take giant leaps into being all grown up! I took lots of photos, but as soon as the Kindergarteners were lining up to go inside, Kaylee took off! I didn't even get a hug and a kiss! They started walking towards the classroom and as soon as she was out of sight the tears started flowing!
After I stopped crying, I took Corbin to his 1st day back at preschool! I don't think I'll be able to handle his 1st day of kindergarten next year! But the kids are gone and the house is quiet again...at least for a couple of hours. Now to will myself to get some stuff done before I have to go pick them up.


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