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Wednesday, September 05, 2007


So how much do you think my kids will go for on ebay???? I know that it is illegal/against the 'rules' of ebay, but seriously, how much! Right now they have been banished to Kaylee's room to play and I can hear that it is not gonna stay friendly for very long....oops look at that I just went in and seperated them.

So after picking Corbin up from Preschool, we came home and both kids rushed to the bathroom. I thought 'ok, they will be out in a bit.' But after 5 minutes of silence, I knew there was something wrong.... I called to them to come out. They came right away, which in my house is a sign they they have been into something they shouldn't have.

All of a sudden I can't breathe. And something hits me like a cloud of sweet smelling baby... Can you guess what they did??? I bet you can't... I walk into my bathroom, MY bathroom, and the appearence of my master bath has changed. It no longer has navy blue mats. It no longer has a light blue floor. It no longer has any color WHATSOEVER! It has been covered in a very thick layer of lavender baby powder! It was all over the place. In the bathtub, in the shower, on all of my shower supplies! EVERYWHERE! I Can't even clean it. Every time I try to, I get hit with a puff of that obscene smelling, very fine powder.

That stuff that we all thought was great when our babies were first born and we would sprinkle on their cute little tushies. And then we would put them down in their crib and they would drift away to dreamland. Where we would watch them sleeping peacefully and think... Now this is heaven.

Well I got an overload of heaven stinking up my bathroom right now and I wanna puke!


  • Hee hee...I'm sorry you've had such a rough day, Laura!! I've often had those days and wondered what possessed me to have kids myself! (((hugs)))

    By Blogger Whit, at 4:05 PM  

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