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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

remembering 9-11

Today is a day that has a completely different meaning for me than any other person. Sean and I were living with my parents in San Diego, CA. Sean had just gotten out of the Marine Corps. He was stationed at Camp Pendleton. I was also VERY pregnant with our first child.

I was scheduled to go in for an induction on Tuesday September 11, 2001. We had woken up early on that day, around 4 am, and waited to call the hospital to see if they had any beds available. I had decided to go back to sleep since I was having mild labor pains already. All I remember is Sean coming into our room and turning on the TV. The first plane had just hit the first tower and all I could think about was there must have been an accident. The black smoke was rising from the top of the building and everything seemed to move in slow motion.

Then the second plane hit the other tower about 15 minutes later. This wasn't an accident. We were under attack. The FAA grounds all flights, but there were still two planes missing. An hour after the attack started the pentagon was attacked.

All day we sat at home, calling the hospital every hour to see if we could get a bed, watching the towers. First it was just smoke. Then an hour and 15 minutes after the first plane hit, the south tower collapsed. Five minutes later the fourth plane crashes in a Pennsylvania field and the Pentagon collapses. Then the north tower collapsed 15 minutes after that.

All of this happened while I was slowly going into labor. Finally, at 5:00 pm, I was admitted to the hospital. The Pitocin was started and I was thrust into labor. The TV was on in my room and we were following the story for the rest of the night.

I didn't want the Dr. to stop the Pitocin that night, so I was in heavy labor all night. I was the only one who didn't get to sleep. The next morning, the anesthesiologist came at 8 am and I was only 3 cm dialated. As soon as he put in the epidural, I dialated to 10 in less than an hour. I started pushing at 10:30.

Kaylee was one stubborn baby. I pushed for 3 hours before she made her appearance. After an episiotomy, and vacuum help, She was born on September 12, 2001 at 1:45 pm. That is all I can really remember about September 11th 2001. The fact that I was working hard to bring my baby girl into the world.

As you can see, September 11th has a completely different meaning to me than most people. And I want to remember it that way. In the midst of this tragedy, a blessing was born.

I am so Grateful for the men and women serving in the US military. I am after all married to a US Marine.


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