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Friday, October 05, 2007

What and I doing wrong....

It's been almost a month Since my Last post. I am up to my eyeballs in Kaylee drama. Seriously, how can a Kindergartener get into SO much trouble. My last post was about her birthday. And that was the day before all the issues started.

We had gotten a couple of phone calls on the 13th from the principle and the VP and finally one to come pick her up. That same day right before I went to go pick her up from school, I got a phone call from the nicest girl named Aubrey. Now Aubrey is a social worker for Children's Services here in Salt Lake County. She asked if she could come over to 'visit' with us. I, of course, said Sure. After picking Kaylee up and Dropping Corbin off at Preschool, I waited for this Nice Girl to show up.

Finally at around 2:00pm, she showed up. With a Salt Lake City Police detective by her side. At this point my heart came up into my throat. I began shaking and had the urge to throw up. What the HELL was going on here???? Why was this Nice CPS worker here with a COP! At this point, she asked if she could speak with Kaylee ...Alone... Now I really didn't have a problem with her speaking to Kaylee. I knew that Kaylee would tell the truth, RIGHT? After about 20 minutes with Kaylee she asked to speak with me... Alone... And that is when I got an earful!

Kaylee had told this Nice Lady from Child protective services that Sean and I physically fight and throw objects at each other. She also told this woman that I drag her around the house. Granted there was a carpet burn on her shoulder. And I think I had the LAMEST excuse as to why it was there. But it was the truth. Kaylee had physically gotten out of control. So I went to restrain her so that she was no longer laying on the floor trying to kick me. I got a hold of her legs and pulled her towards me so that I could get a hold of her arms to restrain her and because she was wearing a tank top, her shoulder got dragged about 2, maybe 3 feet. I would never intentionally hurt my child like this. I think that Aubrey could see that.

The next day, we get called into the principle's office. We talked about what we could do to make Kaylee's experiences more positive. Aubrey was there for support. ANd of course Kaylee had gotten out of control. I am actually glad that she did, because it proved that I was not Lying about Kaylee after all.

So since then, I have had appointments with the school guidance counselor, the Children's Center's Psychologist and other professional people to help make this a little better. Kaylee has been officially diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder and she meets the criteria for Oppositional Defiant Disorder. Although we have all these diagnoses, we still haven't gotten a treatment plan.

Hopefully today, after I take Kaylee to her pediatrician for her 6 year check up, I can ask about a referral to a child psychologist or psychiatrist. Then we might be able to control her behavior a little better. I need some tools to help me at home and I can't seem to find anyone who can help me. I don't want to medicate my child... At all... What I want is a basic tool kit to make things a little better around here. I want Kaylee to have a positive outlook on school. If this is happening in Kindergarten, I can only imagine what its going to be like when she gets in the higher grades.


  • Hi, Just wanted to say I loved reading your blog, and your new freebie is great! Thanks so much for sharing. The thing that actually made me want to comment in here, is that I was amazed that the things you mentioned about your daughter are exactly what's been happening with my son for about 10 years. He was never diagnosed, the only tests they ever wanted was for ADD which he does not have. It wasnpt till last week, when I was visiting my doctor, and I started talking about the problems with my son, that she mentioned it might well be ODD. i had never heard of this before. She said that it *should* have been picked up when he was 5 or 6 as that's the best time to be able to actually do anything about it. But of course it hadn't been. So now all that I can do is to keep trying and see if I can convince him to go see a doctor. he is 15 now, and has missed years of schooling. So good luck to you, I'm glad you found out while your daughter is young, and something can be done to help her.
    - Karin.

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