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Thursday, April 17, 2008

It's Almost Friday!

So I had another new Freebie to share, but I took another look at it and I am not particularly happy with it. And since I am not about to share something that I (at this point) wouldn't use, I decided to rework it and try and get it up tomorrow. I hope that is ok with you...

In other news, Kaylee is starting to do a lot better. We decided to put her in ADHD medication (the last thing we ever wanted to do) and I have to admit, the stuff works! the only side affect that is really bad is that it cuts down on appitite. She has lost almost 5 lbs. since she started taking it and it is hard to get her to eat. It is really ironic though, here I am trying extremely hard to loose weight and I have to powerpack the calories to get her to gain weight. In fact the Dr. said that the best snack for her right now is fast food french fries! Now how can I go and get her some without getting me some! So unfair! And besides, if I partake in any of the high calorie/carb/fat foods that I am basically force feeding my daughter, Kim, my trainer, would KILL ME!!! After all the work that she and I have put in to me losing the little 22 lbs that I already have... I really don't want to go back there!


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