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Saturday, October 06, 2007

The Joys of Public school.

So Yesterday we had a BUSY day. Kaylee had her 6 year check up with her Pediatrician. When I had told her what has been going on, she suggested that Kaylee have an evaluation by a Psychiatrist. I think she read my mind. She also suggested that we get Kaylee a Sleep evaluation. She told me that even though Kaylee was sleeping more than 12 hours a night, she might be only getting a couple hours of actual quality sleep. So I came home and made those appointments. Hopefully, we can get the help Kaylee needs.

We also went in for Kaylee's IEP meeting. That was FUN! So basically the school guidance counselor and the Special Ed teacher gave Kaylee a bunch of tests and we went over the results. The Special ED teacher is going to go into Kaylee's Class for 15-30 minutes 4 times a weeks to work with her. And Kaylee will be going to the Guidance Counselor's office once a week for 30 minutes to work with her.

I am looking into some Homeschooling curriculum so that I can get Kaylee used to having me teach her. She will be going off track (which I hate) in a couple of weeks. So I am going to be her teacher for the weeks that she is out of school. That way she will not have such a hard time with transitioning back into school.


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