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Monday, January 14, 2008

Back from our Cruise!

I would love to still be in Cabo San Lucas right now! It was by Far my favorite stop. And the shortest! So I think that next time we will just fly there and spend a couple of days! I did LOVE my cruise, but I ate way too much and slept way too long! I am relaxed and refreshed! I have a TON of Sunset Pictures. A few photos of the ship. And about 2 photos of Sean and myself! HEHEHE! My Favorite by far is the photo of our shadows on the beach in Cabo with the water rushing over it! By the way, The best pedicure ever was on that beach! The Sand was course and every time the water came in we would sink to about our ankles! Then after walking about a half mile down the beach we stopped at a restaurant called the Mango deck and had the most incredible shrimp fajitas! So I told Sean that I wanted that for my birthday every year! A walk on the beach in Cabo And Shrimp Fajitas! That's not too much to ask right???

I need to get back in the swing of things so I will upload photos later!


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